At James Global Consultancy, we focus on providing customised programs to suit the needs of all educational organisations, including indigenous, urban, rural and remote schools.


Our success lies in our proven ability to oversee the design and development of new and existing schools in local, national and international spheres.


Additionally, we work with schools that have a genuine desire to continually improve student outcomes and build a supportive school community.   

What's your interest?

Differentiated learning?

Personalised learning?

Individualised learning ?

How do we do it?

What will our quality whole school curriculum program look like and how do we effectively implement it?

How can we use data  to improve student outcomes?

Engaging the school community?

How to lead the effective change process?

Let's design our Strategic Plan! 

What is the most effective structure for our school leadership team ?

Establishing a successful Middle School-where do we start?

Improving teaching capacity?

Successfully leading a rural and remote school?

Developing a contextualised whole of school curriculum?

Utilising Reflective Practice to improve performance?

How can our school continue to improve?

James Global Consultancy will work with you on all of the above and more. We will walk with you all the way in your quest for excellence.  

Small focus groups (up to 10 participants)

  • Ideal for leaders and teams of small schools

  • Curriculum and pedagogical leaders.

  • Collegial inquiry groups.

  • Cluster networks.

  • School establishment meetings. 

Medium to large focus groups 

  • Conference presentations

  • Whole school pupil free day workshops

  • Twilight seminars 

  • Learning Lounges

Individual coaching and mentoring 

  • Designed to build the individual capacity of leaders and staff in areas of particular interest and action plans.

  • Face to face, email and telephone options available.



Site based targeted support 

School leaders are busy people who often benefit from someone walking beside them to help implement change or perhaps enhance current practice and build capacity.


We offer to work with you and your team on a regular basis on site to assist in the implementation, evaluation and monitoring of the many facets of your continuous improvement agenda.