The challenge and the triumph !

The week we had the pleasure of working in a small rural school to develop units of study for next term with the Principal and staff. It can be quite a challenge for teachers to critically review the focus for learning, ensure that it authentically aligns to the assessment task / tasks and provide clarity in the description of the task, not only for the students but importantly, for their parents and carers. There is then the need to review the unit and ensure that the multiple intelligences are catered for together with differentiation strategies, personalisation for each student and individualisation of student learning.

Yes, there are unit plans and lesson plans available that can significantly reduce the time that teachers spend in planning for a quality unit of work but, as the teaching team saw this week , it is so important for teachers to carefully analyse such units and use their professional judgment in ensuring that our children are provided with high quality teaching and learning in every KLA suited to there particular learning needs.

Thank you to our host school. The work was a challenge for you at times but from what you produced, quite a triumph in staff collaborative planning where the children will greatly benefit. It was our privilege to be invited to support you.

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