Attracting Preservice Teachers to Remote Locations

My career as an educator included being a Teacher, Teaching Principal, Principal, District Director and Executive Director of Schools in rural and remote schools . I speak from first hand knowledge when I say that such roles can be extremely challenging whilst at the same time very rewarding, when dealing with the everyday responsibilities of providing students with the best possible education whilst sometimes working in isolation for lengthy periods of time .

In 2017 Ken Young and Peter Grainger, of the University of Sunshine Coast invited me to work with them as an author on ways in which pre-service teachers could be encouraged to teach in remote areas. As a result of the publication, which appears in the Australian Journal of Teacher Education, hopefully many pre-service teachers will take on the opportunity and experience the professional and personal rewards such as I did.

With the permission of Dr. Kenneth D. Young, University of the Sunshine Coast and Dr. Peter Grainger, University of the Sunshine Coast I invite you to click onto the following link.

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