James Global Consultancy works with a significant number of corporate and educational organisations at a state, national and international level. Our commitment to on-going support through coaching and mentoring allows us to keep in touch with our clients and build partnerships across the world. 

Placing students at the centre. 


Since the launch of James Global Consultancy in March 2018, we have had the pleasure of engaging with a number of state and independent schools in the areas of implementing successful change processes and setting the direction for on-going school improvement. Many new schools joined us in Term 4 as they prepare for the forthcoming school year. We look forward to on-going partnerships with our new schools and those with whom we have worked this year. 


Pupil Free Day saw the entire staff of a Sunshine Coast College come together to explore strategies to ensure  students reach their highest potential.

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School leaders at one of our Brisbane State  Schools are working with us to develop quality  teaching & learning units as a focus for  continuous school improvement .

From Leading Change to designing the school's Pedagogical Framework - the school leaderships team work hard to achieve their goals.

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"None of us could believe that we’d have a Pedagogical Framework done in a day, and so pleasantly too! We all appreciate the way you bring us back to the big picture, to be child centred in what we do, without missing any details along the way."

Nicole -Leadership Team , QLD State School 


The Leadership Team at an Independent North Coast College is committed to providing the best educational outcomes for students in a P-12 setting. Thank you for inviting us to work in partnership with you. 

Dennis and Margi brought challenges to the team and through their supportive process led each individual within the team to a deeper understanding of themselves and their contribution both to the leadership team and to the improvement agenda across our school. We have gained so much in such a short time – well worth the investment for our school and for future schools where these young leaders will build their newfound skills."

Rosemaree, Principal - QLD State School

Deputy Principal, Master Teacher and Learning Engagement Teacher designed their action plans for school improvement that will inform their 4-Year Strategic Plan

The Administration Team of a medium size QLD State School continue to explore the change process, developing a whole school curriculum and quality unit plans to bring about on-going school improvement.

If you want to go fast go alone.

If you want to go far go together!

African proverb 

The entire staff of a small rural QLD State School  worked with James Global Consultancy throughout 2018 to bring about sustainable school improvement and they are having lots of fun coupled with focussed work along the way. 

Successful strategic planning requires everyone to be involved - staff, parents and students. The staff at this rural school are certainly  committed to the process.

International perspectives  

Our visit to Singpapore enabled us to engage with both international schools and government schools. The environment in each sector is vastly different but one thing remains the same. Every child has the right to learn through high level teaching and learning practices and a well organised school strongly supported by the community.  


It is always an honour to work with educators from Bhutan.

They make us smile with their enthusiasm, good humour and commitment to school improvement.