Leaders play a crucial role as mentors, role models and facilitators engaging teachers to reflect on and improve their practice using current research and evidence of effective teaching and learning.




Continuous organisational improvement ultimately depends on the leader's capacity to engage stakeholders in the improvement process. 


James Global Consultancy assists staff and their leaders to achieve optimal educational success as evidenced by recent professional feedback to us following the school's performance review:

"Fabulous review Margi and Dennis. Thanks to your tremendous work with us, the ARD said we should shout out from the roof top about the ways we work with and educate the diverse cultures here. The Reviewer recognised that we are at high end of the improvement continua.At last!!!"


Our  professional development programs include, but are not limited to:

  • Building leadership capacity. 

  • Facilitating the design and implementation of school. policies including, but not limited to, strategic plans, whole school curriculum plans, term unit plans and pedagogical frameworks.  

  • Designing and implementing effective change processes. 

  • Building capacity in the use of  ICT as a resource for teaching and learning.

  • Understanding and implementing differentiated, personalised and individualised teaching and learning strategies to meet the needs of every student.

  • Developing pedagogical practice skills and knowledge conducive to student engagement. 

  • Developing skills in data analysis, interpretation and application to continually improve student learning outcomes.

  • Designing personal improvement plans and authentic rubrics for each student.

  • Utilising feedback and feed forward strategies to enhance staff and student performance. 

  • Designing an integrated, contextualised curriculum.

  • Employing meaningful assessment and reporting strategies.  

  • Understanding stage based learning.

  • Designing effective Middle School teaching and learning models that engage students in the learning process. 

  • Planning authentic teaching units and assessment. tasks that focus on developing students as critical and creative thinkers.  

  • Designing student digital portfolios. 

  • Engaging the community in the education process.

  • Resources that support each of our training programs are available through James Global Consultancy. 

Our generous intent it to ensure that every child is given the opportunity to achieve their highest potential. 

Margi and Dennis